Restaked Rollups
We are introducing restaked rollups to the market, leveraging EigenLayer’s restaking mechanism to make rollups more decentralized, secure, interoperable, and efficient.
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Three Vertically Integrated AVS
Our Restaked Rollups comprise of three vertically-integrated ‘Actively Validated Services’ (AVS). Each can be created on-demand for a given rollup.
L1-level security guarantee with fraud/ZK proof
Community involved as verifiers/stakers
Permissionless verification with high availability/liveness
Fast verification and finality
Decentralized Verification
VITAL verifies the correctness of the rollup's state and conducts validity proof challenges or generate and verify ZK proofs.
Fast finality(< 10s) compared to L1 finality(~13 mins)
Fast interoperability across rollups
Extra verification with shared security guarantee
MEV mitigation for rollups
Finality Trade-off for Rollups
Fast Finality
With the validation of rollup states, MACH provides fast finality at seconds with shared security guarantee for RPC/bridge/exchanges.
Faster Interop
On top of fast finality for rollups, MACH enables bridges to perform fast interoperability without waiting for the slow finality of L1.
No single point of failure
More utility of rollup tokens for staking
Censorship mitigation
Involvement of community as sequencers/stakers
Decentralized Sequencing
SQUAD enables decentralization of sequencing by involving community to join rollup as sequencers and stakers.