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What is AltLayer ?
AltLayer is a decentralized protocol that facilitates the launch of native and restaked rollups with both optimistic and zk rollup stacks.
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Backed by the Best
Balaji Srinivasan
Former Coinbase CTO and
a16z General Partner
Sean Neville
Co-founder of Circle and
USDC architect
Gavin Wood
Co-founder of Ethereum and
CTO of Parity Technologies
Ryan Selkis
Founder of Messari
“It’s great to have infra and modular experts like AltLayer join our Implementation Provider program. With demand for customizable appchains on the rise, their integration with CDK is timely. Together, we will bring convenience to builders whose ambitious product visions can be realized thanks to the sovereignty, scalability, security, and flexibility offered by products like the flash layer.”
Sandeep Nailwal,
Cofounder, Polygon
“We are thrilled to work with AltLayer on a game-changing technology: restaked rollups. This novel framework combines the ETH staking mechanism via Eigenlayer with an end-to-end infrastructure bundle that combines decentralized sequencing, verification, and fast finality based on shared security. We believe this will bring powerful features to rollup developers, thus accelerating the adoption of Ethereum’s rollup centric roadmap.”
Sreeram Kannan,
Founder, EigenLayer
“Blockchain really needed infra that maximizes user security while building user interfaces that reduce complexity, aren’t intimidating and are intuitive. Tailored rollup solutions present a massive opportunity here, with the ability to fast-track dev tooling and building systems. We found AltLayer’s technical expertise, engineering innovation of the rollup launchpad, and their vision worth betting on!”
Luke Pearson,
Research Partner, Polychain Capital
“On-chain gaming is on the cusp of another era of change with rollups. Given the immense scalability that rollups promise, we were excited to test it out and trusted AltLayer with this task. AltLayer’s integration with our optimistic L3 Muster Network - powered by Arbitrum Orbit - is truly providing a secure and efficient environment for blockchain game development.”
Jerome de Tychey,
Founder, Cometh
“The 4 billion USD gaming market urgently needs an infra boost as they continue to struggle with issues around congestion, sub-par player experience, and gas wars. DJT turned to AltLayer’s product due to the ease of building, operating, and scaling games via its rollups. They’ve been the ideal choice for us as we team up with global mega-partners in Web3 gaming.”
“With the addition of AltLayer, Arbitrum Orbit is taking another necessary step towards maximizing creative ability while minimizing the tedious tech process behind application development.”
Anuja Khatri,
Head of Growth, Arbitrum
“AltLayer’s groundbreaking modular RaaS solution makes it easier to deploy custom rollups with decentralization built-in. Developers can launch a custom Astar zkEVM Rollup in minutes! We’re glad to work with the experts at AltLayer to explore new possibilities for long-term growth within our ecosystem!”
Sota Watanabe,
Founder of Astar Network and CEO at Startale Labs
Altlayer is a trusted partner of QuestN and GMLabs, offering extreme and professional solutions that simplify appchain and provide a wide range of customizable options. This allows projects to have greater and more diverse choices.
Cofounder & CEO, GM Network & QuestN
“Leveraging rollups with AltLayer allows smaller and medium-size game developers to have an easier time deploying their games on Oasys’ L2 network.”
Daiki Moriyama,
Director, Oasys